Sargent-Disc celebrates World Day for Cultural Diversity

The team enjoyed sharing their cultures with each other for World Day for Cultural Diversity last week. We took the opportunity to reflect and recognise the importance of embracing diversity and the impact this has on our world as well as making our work space a vibrant, welcoming place.

The Sargent-Disc team embraces diversity and each other’s heritage, so we loved the chance to mark the day in a special way. The office communal spaces hosted a plethora of food as colleagues brought in dishes to represent their cultures including Coconut Turnovers from Trinidad; Indian Rassomalai; Welsh Cakes; a selection of cakes from the UK and Almond Tart and Cheese Bread with Guava Dip from Portugal.

Over lunchtime, members of the team also participated in games together including flag bingo, with prizes for the winners!