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The number-one selling screenwriting software in the world, Final Draft is the writer’s secret weapon.

Final Draft makes it possible to simply imagine the movie in script form” – Tom Hanks, Writer/Director/Actor/Producer/Academy Award® and Emmy winner.

You can’t win a race without a champion car. Final Draft is my Ferrari.” – James Cameron,
Writer / Director / Producer / Academy Award® winner

As the Industry Standard and the choice of many professional across the globe, Final Draft offers the following features:

  • Over 100 templates that format and paginate screenplays, teleplays and stage plays.
  • Scripts on Windows, Macintosh or in the Final Draft Writer App for ipad that look exactly the same thanks to Final Draft’s own courier font.
  • Format Assistant to check your script for common formatting errors.
  • Text to Speech feature to read your script back to you with different voices for each character.
  • Scene View to give a high-altitude look at your script and move, insert and edit scenes.
  • Index Cards displaying the script’s scene on one side and the summary on the other. Notes which all sync with Scene Navigator automatically.
  • A flexible viewing system allowing you to split your screen into separate panels to view Index Cards, Scene View or Script Pages at the same time.

What’s New in Final Draft 11?

  • Story Map: This new pre-writing tool gives you a high-level view of your story that allows you to easily lay out and structure your script.
  • Beat Board: Gives you total freedom to organize your ideas as they come to you completely within Final Draft.
  • Structure Points: Create your screenplay’s structure with this versatile tool that conforms to your unique writing preferences.
  • Collaboration Tool Work on your script remotely in real time with your writing partner(s).
  • Alternate Dialogue Feature: Store alternate lines of dialogue within the script for easy reference while preserving accurate Pagination.
  • Improve Scene Numbering Options: Number your scenes the way you want and in line with current industry standards.
  • Improved Header & Footer: Add your file name to your Header & Footer automatically.
  • Improved Revision Menu Options: This improved production feature allows you to add bold text to your revision sets.

Final Draft 11 System Requirements:

Internet connection required during installation.
• Windows 7 Minimum OS
• Minimum 1 GB RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
• 60 MB available hard drive space

• Mac OS 10.9 or higher
• Minimum 2 GB of RAM
• 60 MB available hard drive space




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