Sargent-Disc Summer BBQ 2024

Sargent-Disc was delighted to hold the Summer BBQ for the second time in June – this time with a new addition. The SD team had the opportunity beforehand to vote for their favourites to win the first ever Sargent-Disc Awards!

Members of the team came together with their families at the Beaconsfield Rugby Club to enjoy the sunshine and discover who would be taking home the prizes. The event was a success yet again and we hope everyone had a lovely time. See below for the list of winners.  

2024 Sargent-Disc Award Winners:

Best Dressed Award: Anna Iwanek

From Left Anna Iwanek, Lara Sargent

Masterchef Award (best lunch): Charly Grace

From left: Laurence Sargent, Alex Rayner, Lara Sargent

Always in a Meeting Award: Laurence Sargent

From left: Laurence Sargent, Marija Sargent

The Coffeeholic Award: Scott Hardy

From Left: Laurence Sargent, Jam Sutton

Office Jokester Award: Logan Kwiecien

From left: Laurence Sargent, Logan Kwiecien

On the day, there was also a ping pong competition, of which Chloe’s son Loris was crowned champion! He was very pleased with his chocolate prize!

From left: Loris, Laurence Sargent