Sargent-Disc is proud to be an ally in the fight against the stigma of mental health. Last week we celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week – the campaign that aims to raise awareness, challenge stigmas and foster a better understanding of mental health issues. Each year Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on a theme to encourage conversation and awareness.  The theme this year was anxiety, as one of the most common mental health problems with 6 in 10 adults experiencing symptoms at some point in their life. Anxiety was chosen this year to focus on how a lot of people have been feeling the past few years with the cost of living crisis and Covid having a massive impact on wellbeing and lifestyles. Learn more about this year’s theme and what you can do to help others and yourself here –

Mental Health Awareness Week is driven by the involvement of the community. Thank you to all of our staff and supporters for getting involved, especially for Wear it Green day and our appreciation board! It was great to see all the messages of recognition being shared as well as the fun and silly ones to make us smile.

Even though Mental Health Awareness Week is over remember that your mental health always deserves the utmost care and attention. Do something nice for yourself, whether that be a short walk, allowing yourself some time to be creative or just doing something that you enjoy. Reach out to someone today or lend an ear, let those around you know they are not alone. We are in this together.

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