Dr Laurence Sargent and Lara Sargent, Directors Sargent-Disc and Co-Heads International Cast & Crew, along with Graham Younger President Film, Television and Streaming Cast & Crew were delighted to be in Belfast last week to meet the members of the Production Guild of Great Britain’s (PGGB) Northern Ireland (NI) committee, Northern Ireland Screen and others working in the vibrant NI production industry.

Members of the PGGB Northern Ireland Committee

Sargent-Disc, a Cast & Crew company, is proud to support the Committee and we were delighted to attend its launch at the Europa Hotel, Belfast on Tuesday 8 November. A big thank you to the PGGB for organising and to everyone who came along. It was wonderful to celebrate the new initiative with the great and the good of the Northern Irish and international industry!

Left to right: Michael Beaven-PGGB; Lara Sargent, Sargent-Disc; Graham Younger, Cast & Crew; Dr. Laurence Sargent, Sargent-Disc and Professor Lindsay Duthie, PGGB.

Lara Sargent said: “The work of the PGGB Northern Ireland Committee is going to be key to ensuring a joined up approach to high quality production across the UK, and crucially between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Sargent-Disc is honoured to support the Committee, as well as production on the island of Ireland and across the UK.

Photo credits: Kelvin Boyes for The Production Guild of Great Britain

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