Sargent-Disc, a Cast & Crew company, with Pact presents:

The Digital Payroll Workflow Masterclass

Thursday 9th September at 10.00 am

Venue: Online

The Digital Payroll Workflow Masterclass is for Pact member companies’ Heads of Finance and Heads of Production, along with the finance and production office teams working on their productions.

Sargent Disc’s Digital Payroll Workflow is designed to provide a digital production payroll service – specifically for the entertainment industries in the UK and Ireland.

Before COVID-19, efficiency and sustainability were the predominant reasons for productions going paperless. As expected, the pandemic has accelerated the demand for reliable online systems, with productions needing to reduce the handling of physical documentation to ensure a safer working environment for crew, artists, and other employees.

Covering every step of the payroll process, Sargent-Disc’s Digital Payroll Workflow is a safe, efficient, and comprehensive solution for production accountants wherever they find themselves working. Easy to use, the solution can be tailored to meet the needs of each production—regardless of type or size. It consists of three elements powered by the CrewStart, Payroll, and Payslips applications within Sargent Disc’s Digital Production Office®.

The Masterclass will take you through the process from start to finish – including:
• Start forms and contracting
• Time and attendance
• Hot costs
• Calculation and approval of timesheets
• Creation of secure payroll worksheets
• Payroll reports
• Online payslips
• Secure auto enrolment notices

Speakers include:

Dr. Laurence Sargent – Co-Head of International at Cast & Crew and Director Sargent-Disc
Laurence is Co-Head of International, Cast & Crew and a Director of Sargent-Disc. Founded in 1986, Sargent-Disc is now a Cast & Crew company and is the UK’s leading supplier of integrated payroll, residual, accounting and software services for the film and television production industries.

Jade Riley – Product Trainer, Sargent-Disc
Jade has worked across Sargent-Disc departments, recently moving from her role within the Production Accounting team to become Sargent-Disc’s Product Trainer. She is familiar with the range of the Sargent-Disc’s Digital Production Office software applications and helps productions and their personnel to use them with confidence.

Alasdair Wilson – Product Manager, Sargent-Disc
Alasdair works closely with the software team at Sargent-Disc and is committed to helping production teams do their jobs easily, efficiently and sustainably. His knowledge of Sargent-Disc’s applications have helped the industry embrace the Digital Production Office® and the efficiencies that it can bring.

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