Organising and disseminating onboarding paperwork is a challenge faced by all production companies. CrewStart™, part of Sargent-Disc’s Digital Production Office suite of applications, is designed to help your team automate the processing of contracts, start forms, daily rate vouchers and timesheets.

We’ve made new improvements to the timesheets function within CrewStart, to enable the generation of daily hot cost reports, which will help you streamline the preparation of weekly payroll.

Reports are generated by combining rate information from crew start paperwork with crew time and attendance collected by daily time reports. The optional feature removes the need for accounts offices to manually calculate Pact or BECTU overtime payments, avoiding mistakes, saving time and increasing efficiency of the weekly payroll.

CrewStart™ benefits:

  • Reduces risk of human error with timesheets calculated automatically
  • Logs crew time and attendance within daily time reports
  • Generates daily hot cost reports outlining all overtime payments including Camera and Non-Camera overtime, 6th and 7th day payments, meal delays and curtailments
  • Pact/BECTU compatible timesheets
  • Offers customisable approval chain as an optional extra
[Example of a daily hot cost report for a department]


[Example of a timesheet showing Hours to Gross payments that each crew member would receive for approval]


The CrewStart™ hot cost feature can be switched on or off within the application’s admin section. Setting it to ‘on’ automatically updates the hot costs window, which can then be exported.

For more information about CrewStart™, contact us for a demo by emailing

Sargent-Disc’s Digital Production Office® suite of applications are designed to increase efficiency and save time whilst reducing costs and lessening the carbon footprint of production. Learn how to get your production and accounts teams working remotely and safely with Digital Production Office® here.

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