Since it’s inception in 2013 Sargent-Disc’s scholarships have supported 25 graduates of the National Film and Television School (NFTS). We’re taking a look back at the alumni of the Production Management Diploma Programme to share their experiences and learn how the scholarship impacted their journey.

Entering the film industry is often a dream nurtured by passion, and for many, the path is not always a straight line. For Kieran Nolan Jones, a producer in the world of branded content and commercials, the journey from university to the prestigious National Film and Television School was shaped by determination, challenges, and the invaluable support of the Sargent-Disc scholarship.

After spending two years working in university administrations and events management after graduating from university, Kieran decided to pursue a career in the film industry. The decision to attend the NFTS came after a long-standing dream and a goal to immerse himself in the world of film production. The unique approach of the NFTS Production Management Diploma course, discovered on the school’s website, caught his attention.

The appeal of production management, which involves working closely with every department to understand their needs and workflows, resonated with Kieran’s desire to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry. With a background in event organisation, he saw a transferable skill set that would seamlessly integrate into the world of production management.

Accepting the course place at NFTS was not without challenges. Personal circumstances, including a family emergency and financial constraints, presented potential hurdles. However, the Sargent-Disc scholarship emerged as a beacon of support. This financial assistance not only eased the burden but also allowed him to focus more time on studies and take on extra-curricular production work, enhancing practical skills and industry experience.

The NFTS Production Management Diploma course proved to be a transformative experience. Beyond its unprecedented curriculum focusing on practical learning, the course instilled a deep sense of confidence. Kieran learned to navigate and overcome challenges inherent in production, a skill set that would prove invaluable in the real-world scenarios of film and television production. The scholarship also opened doors to valuable industry connections and resources. The confidence gained during the NFTS Production Management Diploma course, coupled with Sargent-Disc’s standing in the industry, provided a solid foundation for his budding career.

Having successfully completed the course at the NFTS, Kieran embarked on a dynamic career as a freelance producer in branded content and commercials. Working with renowned brands such as Stella McCartney, EA Sports, Universal Music, and DoorDash.

Additionally, Kieran is the found and lead producer of Hellmouth Pictures, a production company specializing in horror and fantasy. The company, in its three years of existence, has produced short films funded by prestigious organisations like the BFI and BBC and produced and episode of Disney and Hulu’s ’Bite Sized Horror’. Notably, Hellmouth Pictures is currently in production on two feature-length horror documentaries.

Kieran’s journey from university to the NFTS, supported by the Sargent-Disc scholarship, showcases the transformative power of education and financial assistance in shaping successful careers in the film industry. The commitment to lifelong learning, coupled with the confidence gained at the NFTS, has propelled him into a thriving career, leaving an indelible mark in the world of film production.

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