This November, Sargent-Disc celebrated International Men’s Day, an occasion celebrating the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. Positive role models and awareness of men’s well-being is highlighted with the theme for 2023 being “ZERO MALE SUICIDE”. Together we can stop male suicide.

To mark the occasion, the team held a table tennis competition at the office over several days with the ‘best-of-three’ full games played (each game the first to reach a score of 21 points) to be the winner.


  • 1st place: Logan – won the first game 21-12 and the third game 21-8.
  • 2nd place: Scott – won the second game 21-17.
  • Runners-up: Paul & Deborah.
Left to right: Scott and Logan

Alongside the competition, there was some information displayed in the communal areas around the theme and celebrated male figures such as Winston Churchill, David Beckham and the creator of penicillin, Alexander Flemming. An array of doughnuts were also put out for the team to enjoy!

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