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Software and Training newsletter, May 2010
Movie Magic Software boxes
Movie Magic Software boxes Bringing back the Magic. New Movie Magic Releases

In this issue of the Sargent-Disc newsletter we bring you the latest news and updates about software and training. We are also delighted to announce that MovieSoft will be showcasing Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling at the Cannes Film Festival from the 12th - 23rd of May, 2010.

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Founded in 1986, Sargent-Disc is an Entertainment Partners affiliate offering support, training and distribution throughout Europe.

Movie Magic & MovieSoft at Cannes
Movie Magic & MovieSoft at Cannes
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Movie Magic & MovieSoft at Cannes

May 12-23, 2010
(9am - 6pm)

Palais des Festivals
Level 01, Booth 2006
Allee 20

Daily workshops to demonstrate the latest Movie Magic features

25% discounts on all Movie Magic Software

This year at Cannes you can find out all about the latest Movie Magic software.

MovieSoft will be hosting daily workshops to explain how to get the most from the software. So, if you are going to Cannes, make the most of this opportunity to see what's new and to get your copy.

Supported by Entertainment Partners and Sargent-Disc, MovieSoft will be offering discounts on Movie Magic software during the festival.

EP Vista Accounting
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EP Vista Accounting

Secure Online Service
Access your data in real time from anywhere in the world

Multiple Currencies
Proven to handle the most complex international co-productions

Movie Magic Interface
Import your budget from Movie Magic Budgeting

Production Accounting requires precision, flexibility, and the ability to track an enormous range of production costs from prep all the way through post.

Vista Accounting offers a sub-ledger production accounting application which is multi-user, multi-task, and interfaces seamlessly with Sargent-Disc's payroll.

Easy to read reports, free training, technical support and our personalised service are all designed to put the focus on getting your job done.

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Screen Producers Ireland (SPI) is the representative body for over 150 independent film, television and animation production companies in Ireland. On behalf of its members the organisation seeks to create an improved environment for producers, which will assist growth in the industry. SPI reflects members' concerns on a variety of issues affecting the current and future working environment of the independent film, television and animation sector. It represents these views to the appropriate state, semi­state and international bodies.

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Sargent-Disc offers a range of training courses on EP software tailored to your requirements from our offices in Pinewood Studios. Email to book your place on a date that fits your schedule.

 Sargent-Disc training room

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Production Guild of Great Britain
The Production Guild of Great Britain is running a number of short courses using the latest versions of Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling. The two-day courses are aimed at production personnel who want a 'nuts & bolts' introduction to one of the most important software packages currently used throughout international film and TV production.

Movie Magic Scheduling 5
17-18 May, 2010 from ₤300
Movie Magic Budgeting 7
19-20 May, 2010 from ₤300
Advanced Techniques for Movie Magic Budgeting 7
21 May, 2010 from ₤150

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Software support

Movie Magic 
Sargent-Disc provides remote and telephone support in Europe for Entertainment Partners' software. Using remote support software our dedicated team can bring their know-how directly to your desktop in real time from our offices in the United Kingdom.

If you need assistance email or call +44 (0)1753 630300.

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Founded in 1986, Sargent-Disc provides a full range of payroll, accounting and software services tailored to the needs of your production. As an Entertainment Partners affiliate, Sargent-Disc distributes EP software, such as movie Magic Budgeting, Movie Magic Scheduling, EP Vista Accounting and Vismax across Europe.

Sargent-Disc's online payroll, SD Online, is used throughout the entertainment industry on productions ranging from from low budget documentaries and commercials, through to major Hollywood blockbusters. From feasability study through to post production accounting and residual payments, Sargent-Disc is committed to offering service excellence at every stage of the production process.
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